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Food delivery in Trondheim

Trondheim is an alluring city with a rich history that is pre-dated from around the 11th Century and it is situated in Trøndelag county, Norway. From being a trading center and the capital of Norway in the Viking era around 997 to 1217, it has grown into one of the largest municipalities in the country with a thriving tourist economy. With so many visitors, it is almost certain that you will find an element of diversity on the menus especially when it comes to the Trondheim food take away services. You can opt for food delivery in Trondheim or around any of the environs in close proximity. All you need to do is to download the foodora app or order food online in Trondheim

foodora in Trondheim

In Trondheim, you have lots of choices thanks to some of the best restaurants in and around the city that serve various cuisines such as American and Asian. You can order sushi online, and foodora will gladly and punctually deliver even to locations such as Sentrum, Ila, Lade, Rosenborg, Møllenberg, Bakklandet, Gløshaugen, Øya, and Nyhavna in typically around 30 minutes or less, straight to your doorstep or even to the office in a scenario where you are working late. By using the app, you can also set up a specific pick up location of your convenience and choice.

When it comes to food delivery, foodora only partners with the best. You are guaranteed that the food selection from the restaurants is high quality. Furthermore, our delivery service is eco-friendly and you get nothing but the healthiest food around. So, if you are looking for some finger-licking hearty meal, then you can start off by ordering a pizza home delivery or the best burger in Trondheim from the best restaurants in the city.

The best restaurants in Trondheim

Olivia is one of the preferred restaurants in the areas covered as foodora delivery areas in Trondheim. Its popular recipes draw inspiration from at least 6 Italian cities that include Rome, Venice, and Naples, each of which gives the dish a special character. A Primi Piatti that is characteristic of Pasta, such as the Pasta Di Manzo which is prepared with fresh spices such as Paprika and Parsley with some sprinkled garlic, is one of the prominent dishes. Alternatively, a takeaway from Taqueros lets you dabble in Mexican cuisine. It is vegetarian-friendly, and just as you guessed, Tacos happen to be a hot-selling commodity. You can down your fish taco prepared with Norwegian codfish and fried crispy, with tequila! At the Nordøst restaurant, they have an oriental variety like Beijing duck, pepper crab, or Korean BBQ, a trait that has made the restaurant to be dubbed as the ultimate Asian fusion place. From the Kvikk Bar, you can opt for a 'Norwegian Twist' smoothie and fruit salads. So hurry and order today! To enable screen reader support, press Ctrl+Alt+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press Ctrl+slash

Bror, Olivia, Taqueros, Sabrura og Khao Thai er bare et fåtall av restaurantene du finner på foodora - med andre ord er det noe for enhver smak. Finn din favorittrestaurant og legg inn en bestilling online. Deretter vil et av våre bud levere maten til deg hvor enn du måtte ønske den; enten du er hjemme, på kontoret eller sitter i en park. Hva med en frisk og fargerik salat levert til kontoret, eller favorittburgeren på døra en fredagskveld? I Trondheim leverer vi blant annet til sentrum, Ila, Lade, Rosenborg, Møllenberg, Bakklandet, Gløshaugen, Øya og Nyhavna, og vi ser stadig etter muligheter for ytterligere utvidelse. Matbestilling har aldri vært enklere og mer smakfullt!